The pairing of old and new forms the basis of Sanktoleono’s creative process. Influenced by a background in Theological studies, ancient tribal religious symbols and motifs made from raw natural materials are processed using contemporary technology or combined with rare vintage findings to produce one-of-a-kind pieces.
Aztec-like geometric motifs, primitive unprocessed mineral stones, raw brass and living, breathing materials like feathers and corals make the stage of a mysterious ceremonial universe, both ancient and at the same time strangely futuristic.
Model : Kwnstantinos Laios@vnmodelsPhoto : Joey Leo Styling : TheRaceBehindTheHillClothes : DigitariaJewellery : SanktoleonoShoes : RememberMake up/Hairstyling : Joanna Johanita
  1. Model : Kwnstantinos Laios@vnmodels
    Photo : Joey Leo 
    Styling : TheRaceBehindTheHill
    Clothes : Digitaria
    Jewellery : Sanktoleono
    Shoes : Remember
    Make up/Hairstyling : Joanna Johanita

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